Lower Priced Canadian Data Plans, Well Sort of!

One of the things that I was hoping when the iPhone was released in Canada was that Apple would make Rogers offer affordable data plans then that would carry over to the other carriers. Well anyone who read my post on the original iPhone plans that Rogers was offering knows that didn’t happen. In fact Apple was also disappointed and withdrew the sales of iPhones from their own stores in Canada.

Well Rogers did back down a little after the outcry and announced a few days before the iPhone release that they were offering a 30.00 per month 6 GB data plan. This is much better and is more in line with what AT&T and other carriers in the States offered.

I happened to be checking out the Rogers web site earlier this week and was looking at the High Speed PC cards for laptops. I have one of these cards (an EVDO AirCard from Telus) that I share for work when I am on call. It is really nice allowing me to connect my laptop from virtually anywhere. I have been looking at these for a whole but have never purchased one because of the monthly price. Basically in Canada with all of the carriers the plans are about 100.00 per month for 2 GB of traffic. The other alternative I had been looking at was the Rogers Portable Internet Service which is much more affordable but not as mobile as it can’t switch towers and you have to have an AC Outlet (or an inverter in your car) to use the modem.

Like I sad I was browsing the Rogers site and the High Speed PC Cards when I clicked on the link for the plans. Right at the top of the list (and as a limited time offer till August 31) was a 30.00 per month 6GB plan! I called the corporate sales number and asked one of the reps. He wasn’t aware of it but said if it was on the site it was true! I was out a little later in the day and I decided to stop in a Rogers store to just see the iPhone and I asked the sales person there. Again she indicated that if it was on the website it was true.

After a few days of hemming and hawwing, I called the corporate sales rep yesterday and once again confirmed that the modem was available with the plan. Because I am already a Rogers customer it was easy and I was done in less than ten minutes. I ordered the USB modem (which I got for 49.99) and the 30.00 per month 6 GB Data Plan. My modem should arrive sometime tomorrow and I will advise on how things go.


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