Video Services

Sysguy Consulting offers Video Consulting and Video transfer services to our clientel. See below for the services we provide.

Video Consulting
If you are interested in learning how to edit your own videos, learn about transferring to DVD or what equipment you need (Camcorder suggestions included) please feel free to contact us.

We have been working with Digital Video and PC Capturing and editing since 1992. We have used several software packages and can help you design a system with the hardware and software you need to edit your videos into the masterpiece that you want.

Our experience with Video equipment over the years and our own interest in technology can combine to help you find the right equipment to capture your precious moments. Whether you want to shoot in High Def or Standard Def we can guide you to what equipment you want.

Video To DVD/Blu-Ray and Video Editing Service
We offer complete Video to DVD transferring services and now we can offer HD Video to Blu-Ray transfers as well. Save your precious video memories from the degrading VHS or DV tapes that they are currently stored on. We offer complete services and the ability to transfer from most formats to DVD. Pricing is as follow:

Standard Conversion – Tape to DVD with Basic Menu with no Editing (Includes Printed DVD, Case and Cover) 30.00 for 1 hour of Video, 40.00 for 2 Hours for the first copy. 5.00 per copy after the first. We can copy from most formats however we may need to use your equipment or adaptors for uncommon formats (VHS-C).

HD Camcorder to Blu-Ray Conversion. You own a HD Camcorder and an HD TV, why keep the data on your camcorder or lower the quality to store on a DVD. We can now offer conversions from a variety of HD Formats to Blu-Ray disc. Standard Conversion for 1 hour of Video is 50.00 and 2 hours is 60.00 with no editing involved. If your video data is not on DV Tape or removable Media (SD or MMS Cards) we may require to borrow your equipment for Video transfer. Additional copies of a Disk are 20.00 each.

Video Editing and Conversion
Have several tapes to edit down and create a video, we can edit your video for you. Our standard rates are 50.00 per hour for capturing and editing and 5.00 per hour for rendering time, 10.00 per hour for HD rendering time. To save money we encourage our clients to do as much of the pre work for themselves. This would include cataloging their tapes, deciding what scenes they want and in what order (including the length of the clips), and any titles or transitions they may want. Having this done ahead of time saves you time in the end as we only will capture what is needed and not guess at what to capture. Scanning pictures or supplying Digital images online or via a CD also saves you money.
We will also post a low res copy online that you can preview and approve before the final project is completed.

Please contact us at sysguy(at)sysguy(dot)com if you would like more information on all of the Video services we offer.