Did Pressure Work? Rogers Caved on iPhone, at Least Temporarily.

Rogers put out a press release this morning indicating a promotional data plan for the iPhone 3G. Anyone who activates a new iPhone 3G before August 31st can get a 6GB Data Plan on top of any voice plan for 30.00 per month. While not unlimited data as what is being offered in the US by AT&T at least it is better than the plans that Rogers had originally offered.

Rogers came under a lot of fire for the pricing on the data plans that they first announced on June 28th and many people were calling for others to boycott and not buy the new iPhone.

While this option is better than anything previously offered it is only a limited time promotional plan.

Canadians are still third world when it comes to cell phone plans and pricing. Our voice and data plans are ridiculously expensive and limited compared to the rest of the world (there are African countries with better pricing). More evidence of this was brought forward yesterday when both Telus Mobility and Bell Mobility announced they would start charging .15 per incoming text messages for users with no text plans on their plans.  Last night a family friend indicated she received a spam text to her phone on the Telus Mobility network. Very shortly that will cost her .15 cents.


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