Coming Soon – Windows Home Server!

We have just received word that we have been invited into the Windows Home Server Beta 2.0 Program by Microsoft. As I post this I am downloading the software to set up my first Windows Home Server. While it is anticipated that this will be sold as a complete hardware/software solution, we are getting the opportunity to try it in a PC that we have kicking around.

It is somewhat unusual for most Beta programs, but we have been granted the right to public disclose and discuss this product. This means I will post the trials and tribulations of Beta testing software here on the blog, after reporting issues back to Microsoft.

What is Windows Home Server? I discussed it in my previous post regarding backups, but it is proposed as a headless hardware/software appliance device that will connect to a users home network and do file and printer sharing, security checks and network health monitoring etc. It is based on Windows Server 2003 technologies. At this point I am still unsure if it will be available as a software only product.

Keep checking this blog out for updates!


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