Want A Media Center without the PC by the TV. A sneak peak at the Zio Eureka Hard Drive Enclosure

I am just about to start testing a new product available through one of my distributors. A new Korean company Zio, has brought to Canada the Eureka Player. The device is basically an external hard drive enclusure with a couple of interface enhancements.

It runs a Linux OS and gives you the ability of connecting it to a PC and loading up content on it, then connecting to to a TV or stereo and playing it back on that device. It sells for about 150.00 with no hard drive. You can add any IDE hard drive you want to the device (a 320 GB sells for approximately 122.00) and install it. The unit comes with a remote control, batteries, the enclosure itself, AC adaptor and cord, USB cable and Video Cable. The unit is capable of outputting 1080i HD signals as well as composite or S Video and Digital OPtical Audio out.

It plays back a wide vairety of media types, jpg, wma, mp3, ogg, DivX,  Mpeg 1,2,4. It can work as a DVD jukebox, video player, external storage and more.

Some people do not want to put a PC near their TVs to set up a Media Center so this little device may fit the bill. Load your Media from your PC. Carry the device to the TV, plug it in and away you go. They feature this as a good car theatre device which is what I was thinking of for a primary use. Plug it into a monitor and away you go.

To learn more watch this blog as I will give a more through review soon or visit Zio’s website at http://www.ziocanada.ca

I will shortly be installing a 320 GB Seagate drive in the device and wil update my testing.



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