Teach your MP3 Player new tricks

I have to admit I am hooked. Although Podcasts have been around for some time now I have really gotten into them. What is a Podcast? To put it simply it is an Audio or Video file that you can listen to. It can be a round table discussion or an interview like I TV show. There are many podcasters out there that use it as a blog. You can listen to the file on your PC or transfer it to an MP3 player. You do however require a Video capable player if you want to watch Video podcasts on your player.

I have found a few Podcasts that have caught my interest. There are some very good technology based ones as well I have some Astronomy based ones. Using the include ZenCast software that came with my Creative Zen Vision M 30 GB players I can set up subscriptions, automatically update them from the web, and download the audio files to my PC. After that I sync them to my Creative Player so that I can listen to them anywhere at any time. Most RSS Reader Software will also let you subscribe to podcasting feeds (including IE7), the only problem is that it may be a manual transfer to your player, which shouldn’t be a big deal if you know how to transfer music.

You can try Googling for podcasts for any subject you may be interested in, check the results to see if there are any podcasts that you might be interested in, for example you could use the terms astronomy podcasts . You might be surprised at what you find as there are podcasts for virtually any subject you may be interested.

If you don’t already have an MP3 player this may be the reason to get one!


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