Promising new product! Belkin Flip Wireless Laptop KVM

I am anxiously awaiting the UPS driver to show up today with a new product I am testing. Belkin has just released a new product in their Flip KVM product line. For those who don’t know a KVM is a keyboard, Video and Mouse switch, which allows you to share one keyboard, one Monitor and one Mouse between several systems.

From what I can see the unit comes with the KVM, The cables and there is optional software you can download from Belkin’s website. The receiver sits on your desktop and controls which screen you are controlling with a push of a button. You need a USB keyboard and Mouse combo, a VGA connector (NO DVI) and audio can be switched optionally. The software allows you to flip back and forth from your keyboard.

The unit will retail for about 89.99. I plan on using it with my Monitor (or my secondary monitor) and my laptop.

When it arrives later today I will have a look and hopefully will get to test it. Keep an eye here for more information on this product!


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