iPhone 3G in Canada July 11th?

Well the Steve note at Apple’s WWDC just ended and to no ones surprise the new 3G iPhone was announced. Job’s indicated that the new iPhone would be released in 22 countries on July 11th. In Job’s map in the keynote Canada was coloured red indicating that Canada had (or would get) the iPhone.

The new iPhone is lower priced, 199.00 (Black) for the 8GB and 299.00 for the 16GB (available in white), features include Microsoft Exchange support, VPN support, a flush headphone jack, better audio, GPS and better battery life. As well it will work on Rogers HSDPA network in major centres for high speed browsing.

Several other products we announced at WWDC today. Applications for the iPhone and the new App store on iTunes, Mobileme which will replace .mac as a new way to sync your data between computers and your iPhone.

No word yet form Rogers (at least on their press release site) as to the availability and pricing of the plans, but if they are joining the July 11th release date expect to see something really soon.

New applications will be available for older iPhones free and for iPod Touch owners for 9.99.

I am up in the air about this new iPhone and I am not sure I want to give up my Blackberry Curve just yet. I have been awaiting the announcement from Rogers of the new Blackberry Bold and maybe the Thunder. I ave an iPod Touch with the iPhone applications and while I like the WIFI browsing experience I am not sure if I am a big fan of the on screen keyboard. I have to correct loads of my own spelling mistakes as I have fat fingers and I find it is a little tricky to type on the keyboard.

Update: Just checked the Apple.ca website and they do indicate that the 3G iPhone will be coming to Canada July 11th. No release on Roger’s website yet though.


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