Intel Core 2 Duo Quick Review

One of the really cool things about doing what I do is that I get to play with new technologies before or just after they are released. Usually it may be something that I get for my self but in regards to processors and computers it usually someone elses that I am configuring.

I have just had the opportunity to work on my first Intel Core 2 Duo system. I attended an Intel product briefing session this past week and got some of the scoop on their new processors. Firstly the Pentium name is gone. In the new Core 2 Duos the entire internal architecture has changed and so that have removed the Pentium Brand name…

The first time I worked with a Duo Core (Pentium D) system I was lessed than impressed. In fact for gamers it was probably slower than the Pentium Ds or AMD single cores that they were using. Multiple Core systems excel at multi tasking and multi threaded applications.

Core 2 Duo has changed all of that with Intel’s new architecture! I could go geeky and explain all the technical details, but in the end let me just syat they are fast, the fastest processors I have seen! One big change is the model numbers and the clock speeds. For the desktops the processors are currenty the E6300 up the the E6700. The clock speed is significantly lower than previous dual cores. For example the E6300 is 1.83 Ghz! You may think that it’s significantly slower than a P4 D 945 (3.40 Ghz), but from what I have seen that is not the case!

I am currently working on configuring a new system for one of my Small Business Client. After installing Windows XP Pro and going throught the installation and updating process this is by far the fastest processor I have ever seen on a system. And due to the new architecture everything flies including Internet Download speeds! And this is the slowest speed processor that they have! The basic reason is that the processor is smaller, and uses less power. As a result, these systems are almost silent! Charts that I saw at the Intel conference indicate that the new processors run 40% faster than the exisiting and 40% Cooler and quieter!

Several Hardware Review sites on the Internet have pegged this line of the processors as the fatest and best Silicone ever produced! Intel has finally broken away from AMD performance wise again, how long will it take for AMD to catch up? And next week Intel will be releasing their quad core Extreme Edition processor!

I have always been a big AMD fan myself, but the Core 2 Duo’s performance, I will soon be upgrading to one myself!

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