I almost forgot about these guys – mail2web.com

It has been a while since I last used the services of mail2web.com, but I was recently reminded about how good of a service it is. And once again the price is right!

I recently forgot all about one of my spam accounts on my other domain and after about 2 months of not checking there was a ton of emails there (over 2000). I tried downloading everthing off of the server but Outlook Express would hit about message 600 and fail. I left it for a while to see if it would work and it ended up trying and failing several times. The problem with Outlook Express is that if it doesn’t get all the messages and fails the next time it starts, it tries to download all of the messages again. After a few hours I can back to my system to see about 12000 new emails there and it was still trying. No big deal I will log in to webmail and delete them that way.

So I logged into the webmail cient (Uebimiau) which is a great php based webmail program i offer my hosting clients. Unfortnately it would continually time out and fail as well. Even when it is working it’s best it is a touch slow.

Next step was to try Thunderbird. Set up the account and it would fail as the others but at least it deletes messages as soon as it pulls them down (unless you have the flag set). In the meantime I had contacted my server support to see about getting the whole email box deleted and they suggested trying to mail2web.com.  

I used to use this great free service all the time before I had a webmail client on my servers, and had forgotten about them. I went to the site, put in my email address and the account password and boom I got in. I was then able with 1 click to delete all the emails that were sitting there!

While there I looked around at some of the services that they offer for free and was impressed. While they offer the Pop to Web email interface, they also offer the same service to make your email available on your mobile phone or pda. Now they have added a personalized home page so you can see all your email addresses from the same spot (including your own media blog) and have also added a free email services based on MIcrosoft Exchange 2003 and Outlook Web Access! With OWA you can keep your contacts in one spot as well as your email and acces it from there. The only word of warning is that your email address will be at mail2web.com

Like I said I forgot all about this service and it was great to go back and see what was there again. I would highly recommend that if you wish to check your email from a PC you can use this easy system if you don’t have or don’t like your web based client



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