Great Browser add on. PicLens

I have found a great browser plug in that works with both Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox 2 and Firefox 3 Release Candidates. The plug in is designed to work with Photo sites and video sites like Youtube, Flickr, Picasa. Facebook etc.

When you get to a page that has images or videos you can either click on the Piclens icon on the photo or video, or on the Piclens icon on your browser bar. The images open up in a smaller format on a 3D wall that you can quickly scroll through, click on individual pictures and see the larger image. It virtually turns the site into a  3D slideshow of images.

I browse a lot of Photosites like Flickr and Smugmug and I love using Piclens to go through the photos.

I highly recommend this plug in for anyone that does visit a lot of Photo or Video sites on the web.

You can download Piclens here. Oh yeah and I forgot to mention the best part, it is free to use.


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