Got my Joost invite

After much searching yesterday, I finally found a Joost invite. I got it from If you want an invite yourself to try out this service you can visting this site at Techcrunch or as promised if you want an invite, please leave me a comment about this post with your name and email address filled in on the form and I will send them out until I run out (I don’t know how many I have but I have sent 2 out). Please note comments are moderated for spam and offensive content so they will not appear right away. To protect you from spam please do not include your email address in the message unless you use the email at maildomain dot com format.

It is a pretty cool IPTV video on demand service but I will reviewing it much more depth as I play with it. If you want to try it add your comments ASAP as it is first come first serve on the initiations I have.


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