Easy File Sharing

I was reminded to try a program that I heard about today when a client wanted to share files between two firms. I got a call from the other IT guru about setting up an SFTP server so that they could transfer files. I suggested that we look at a new service on the web called Tubes. To learn more go to www.tubesnow.com.

Here is how tubes work. You sign up for a free account at the tubesnow website. Once set up you download and install the software on your PC. Once the software is installed you create a tube, and then invite users to it. They can then use the invitation and go to the tubesnow.com site and sign up for an account. They install the software and run it. The tube will now be available on their PC. You can invite more than one user to your tubes. When you are ready you drag and drop files from your PC to the tube. This will synchronize and people that you invited will now see the files on their own PC. They can also drag and drop files to the tube and they are shared between all of the invitees. Best of all it is free and easy to use. There are some limitations of the free version (you are limited to 2 devices and 2 GB of space). There is also a premium version available which increases the sharing limit to 5 GB, Full MS Office support, unlimited devices and backup and recovery! The cost of the premium version is 4.99 per month. Even with the free services you can upload MP3 files, photos, office documents and even programs.

There are also other solutions that are available that allow you to share files instead of sending email attachments. Check out www.yousendit.com or www.senduit.com. Both sites are similar. You can upload a file and send a link to it to people you want to share it with. The free services allow you to share files up to 100mb in size. Yousendit.com also has some limitations on number of downloads and bandwidth but they also offer paid services for as little as 4.99 per month. Senduit.com also gives you the ability to expire the file in as little as 30 minutes. These two services require no additional software installed on your PC or your friends PCs.

Just a few cool services that make it easier to send files instead of trying email to share.

Hope these services help you out.


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