Don’t throw out that old PC yet!

If you are planning on upgrading to a new PC in the near future, think twice before getting rid of that old PC. As you may have read I am a part of the Beta Test Program for Windows Home Server, a new software product that will be coming out soon. The idea is that this is a file and print sharing, backup server for your home. Hardware requirements aren’t that strict (P2 1 Ghz, 512MB Ram and 80 GB HD with DVDR) and even if you have a single PC in your house this could help. So far I have just started playing with it and haven’t had much time to test. I have set up 2 PCs with the automated backup solution, SWMBO’s laptop and my Dell D600. Both have been working well and backing up every night (wirelessly at that). The server software is easy to set up, expandable (you can add storage space easily) and provides either full or partial restores to a PC.

I soon plan on testing a complete hard drive failure and restoring via the Home server. I believe that this is a much needed product for almost every home user and if it doubles functionality and keeps a PC out of landfill then all the better.

Stay tuned as I will continue posting my experiences with WHS.


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