Access your PC from your Blackberry or Windows Mobile Phone

I received an email from Rove Mobile inc today on my Blackberry introducing their latest product. Rove Mobile has been creating remote access software for enterprises for some time and they have now released a product for consumers.

The product is called PCMobilizr ( and consists of two pieces of software. A client that you install on your handheld and a piece of software that you install on your desktop. The software allows you to connect and remote control your home PC from your device over the cell phone network.

The program is sold as a monthly subscription service. I believe I heard that the pricing will be 9.95 USD per month on the demo video from there site.

The way the software works is that the piece of software on your desktop establishes a consistent connection to their servers. When you connect form your handheld it connects to Rove’s servers and your PC connection. Currently only Windows PCs are supported although they indicate that Macs will soon be supported. I am not sure how quick this will be over the Rogers Edge network but the demo video looked like it was pretty quick. I am also not sure what this will eat up in terms of your data plan but it really shouldn’t be that high as only screen refreshes and mouse and keyboard inputs should be transported across the network. Colour Blackberries are supported (8XXX series) and all flavours of Windows Smart phones.

They are offering a free 30 day free trial but I will be giving it a try. I will do a more indepth review when I get a chance to try it out.

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