A couple of my favourite (comedy) podcasts!

A little while ago I posted about podcasts and downloading them. Here are a couple of my favourites. These are both comedy based podcasts and are great for a 5 minutes diversion when you need a laugh. You don’t need an MP3 player to see these (both are video). You can view them on their respective websites or subscribe to them via iTunes free!

Ask a Ninja http://www.askaninja.com

My personal favourite is episode 32! I have laughed out loud every time I have watched it. It is exactly what the title is!

Tiki Bar TV http://www.tikibartv.com

Vancouver based, Dr. Tiki, Johnny Johnny and LaLa come up with drinks to cure what ails you! Some episodes have explicit language, not suitable for children!

I will post more of my favourite podcasts down the road but enjoy these!

Do you have favourites? Let me know by adding a comment! (please note comments are moderated to prevent spam)


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