Vista and Office 2007 available now!

Yes it’s true. Vista and Office 2007 are available right now to Microsoft SA (Software Assurance) Clients. Last Friday after returning from the Microsoft Launch Event in Edmonton I logged into my eopen site to check an agreement for a client and noticed that there was a new link to download software. Immediately I checked it out and was able to download RTM versions Vista Enterprise and Vista Business as well as Office 2007 Professional Plus and Office 2007 Standard. I have started the testing process on the RTM versions so that I can start the planning of deployments for my clients.

I can report though that on my test machine (AMD 3000+, 1GB Ram and integrated ATI Display Adaptor) that the RTM version of Vista Enterprise runs much quicker than the RC1 version did with the full Aero interface. A little warning though with the new version of Office the file format is not backwards compatible with earlier versions of Office. If you share Office documents, people using earlier versions of Office have to install a converter to allow them to be able to open the new document format. The other option is that you can download an add on for Office 2007 that will allow you to save documents as Adobe PDF documents. This at least gives you another option for sharing, unless of course those documents have to be edited.

 Want to see if what version your PC can run of Windows Vista? Download and run the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor from here.

New PCs sold by Sysguy Consulting now until March 31st, have either free or low cost upgrades to Windows Vista 

Stay tuned for more information.


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