Strange IE 7 Error on Vista

I ran into a strange problem with IE 7 on my Vista Ultimate box today. I am having problems after upgrading RAM in this box (that’s a whole other post), but I rebooted my system a couple of times last night. This morning when I fired up IE 7 after the reboot, I received an error that IE requested an abnormal termination request. This was in a visual c ++ error message box. Luckily I have Firefox and Opera also installed on the system so I did a search and finally found a post with a similar problem.

Turns out the problem was related to some software that I installed yesterday. I was looking for a new RSS reader as I wasn’t really happy with RSS Bandit. I tried a couple of other readers and still wasn’t happy. I went back to a program I liked on Windows XP called Omea Reader from Jetbrains software. Turns out this was the cause of my problem. The software installs a couple of add ons in IE and these were causing the crash. Found the link to the solution here:

I disabled the two Jetbrains add ons and restarted IE 7 and had no problems.

So if you run into problems with your browser try disabling the add ons that you have installed by right clicking on Internet Explorer, selecting internet properties, going to the programs tab and click on the manage add ons button. Here you can disable the different add on s to see if that solves your problems.

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