My Latest Lust!

I have been reading and hearing a lot of great things about the Canon Powershot G9 digital Camera. This little camera, while being compact is one of the best cameras on the market today. Pro’s serious Amateurs are all using this little camera. Why it takes incredible pictures. It features several shooting modes and manual controls, 12 MP images and the ability to shoot raw.

While I love my two camera bodies, A Canon 30D and a Digital Rebel XT, these are both fairly large Digital SLR cameras. I have been playing with the idea of getting a small camera I could carry everywhere for some time now. Unfortunately I wanted the power to shoot raw and most of the previous generations could not do that.

There are many instances when I want to snap pictures and the camera in my Blackberry is just too poor.

This camera has also been very popular as it is sold out almost everywhere in Calgary. I am on a couple of waiting lists so I am hoping for a call soon.

This purchase if and when I get it, will the delay my other planned purchase of a Canon 40D body. I got my 30D a week before Canon announced the 40D and normally would not have been too concerned. The 40D however has some features that I really could use, mainly live view focusing on the viewfinder. This could come in very useful for my astrophotography as trying to focus something via the tiny viewfinder when connected to a telescope is very difficult.

I had thought of selling the 30D body but my daughter has announced that she is taking my Rebel XT when I get a new body. I like having two bodies because when we travel I like having different lenses mounted and I don’t miss shots trying to change lenses.

This was so evident when we were in Hawaii last year on a snorkeling trip. I had my camera set up with a very long zoom lens (Canon F4 70-200 L and a 1.4 Tamron Tele Extender) in order to shoot the whales that were all around the boat. On the way to our second dive site, we cruised into a pod of about 100 Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins. They stayed and played with the boat for a while. As these animals come and go as they please, I didn’t want to risk going in and changing lenses and missing the show. With two cameras I could have used a shorter lens for the dolphins that were close to the boat. Even having the smaller point and shoot would have been ideal.

The plan is if I get the new G9 is that it will come everywhere with me so that I am always ready to shoot.

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