My Internet Connection has held up

Since Thursday I have really been hammering my Shaw ExtremeI Internet service. All of the following has been done with no noticeable slow downs.
Backing up 21 GB of Data to an online backup service, Downloading a couple of Linux Distros using a Bit Torrent Client, downloading Podcasts for my Zune players, updating a new PS3 system and downloading game demos, remote controlling servers via Remote Desktop, installing, downloading drivers, downloading applications and running Windows Update on 2 client computers as well as standard web surfing and email. You can also throw in there the occasional VOIP Vonage call either coming in or going out on my business line as well as receiving one fax the same way.

So far no no noticeable slowdown on the speed of my network. This is one of the reasons I continue to promote Shaw’s excellent service.

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