My commonly used programs

When I am working on my PC here are a few of the programs that I use on a regular basis.

Outlook 2007 – Email, calendaring and task management. I have two profiles set up one that is for my Internet Pop email and one that connects to my SBS 2003 server and syncs with my Blackberry or Nokia E62 device.

iGoogle – OK sort of an application. I have one of my tabs set to my customized iGoogle page where I can get the latest news, a photo of the day and more. Look at customizing your own start page from the Google website. On my laptop this is the only homepage I use.

Microsoft OneNote 2007 – This is one of my favourite applications. Think of it as a digital notebook on your computer. It was originally designed for Tablet PC but I really find that it could benefit almost anyone that likes taking notes and clippings and wants to keep everything if one place. You can create tabs, add pages and create notebooks. If you have a USB tablet you can use handwriting with it.

Word 2007 – For Blog postings, Word Processing am more

Excel 2007 – For spreadsheets

Skype – For free PC to PC calls. Call me if you want (sysguy)

Google Reader and RSS Bandit –I use these to read blog postings. I have been using RSS Bandit a little less since I set up Google reader.

Ziepod – ( This is one of my favourite programs and I have it running all of the time. This checks my podcasts subscriptions and downloads the media files that I want to transfer over to my Creative Zen Vision M 60 GB player. Best of all it works and it is free

Browsers – I have all of the major browsers set up on my PC and I use them all. Firefox, Opera and IE7 are all installed and I have just downloaded Apple Safari for Windows to try.

Photoshop CS3 Extended. For picture editing and processing.

Vista Speech Recognition – For dictating blog posts and word processing.

Nero Ultimate Edition 7.0 – For CD and DVD burning used for backups.

Synctoy Power toy. I love this little free application. I use it to sync all of my pictures to an external hard drive after I download images from the memory card for backup. I also use it to sync my accounting data to my Dlink DNS-323 NAS device.. Another good syncing tool that is also available free for home users is Allway Sync ( This is a little more powerful than the synctoy powertoy and offers a nice interface as well. They also offer a free version that will automatically start when you plug in a USB thumbrive and sync from your desktop to the thumbdrive. The Pro License is 19.95 USD

This constitutes a majority of what I use for day to day use. Other program that frequently get used are:
Creative Video Converter – To convert and copy video to my Creative Zen Player
Ulead Video Studio 11 To Capture edit and record video
Ulead DVD Movie Factory 6.0 – To create DVD’s
Quicken XG 2006 – For my finances and invoicing
Canon ZoomBrowserEx – For digital photos organizing

Just a little insight in what I use everyday. There is a service called that will track what applications you are using and then post it to a feed on the net. This is a little too much for me!


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