My Apologies

First off I would like to apologize to all Sysguy clients if I have been slow to respond to you. I have recently been diagnosed with an acute case of sciatica, and everyday tasks (like sitting in a chair or driving in a car) just seem to make the situation worse. To top it off I have been working my previous commitments to try and finish on time (coaching soccer and a couple of DVD/Video projects) have set me back a little each time I work on them.

Soccer finishes tonight, and the two DVD projects are done so now I can focus on getting better. I have seen my orthopaedic surgeon, who has requested an urgent MRI, and have started Physiotherapy. It is very frustrating to not be able to do the things I normally do and to be stuck lying on my side all day and trying to work. Some painkillers prescribed to me yesterday seem to help greatly but the problem is I don’t want to do too much while on them and make matters worse!

I have no idea how this happened except that it started a month ago and I ignored it thinking it would go away until I couldn’t move last week!

I am slowly catching up on email, and will soon be able to do more once I rebuild my laptop. I am looking for someone to help me out a little in the next while as well.

Again I apologize and hope to be back to normal soon


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