Mac Mini upgrade tool kit purchased

Picked up my Mac-mini upgrade tools on the way home from the office today. Yes thank to Apple if you want to do any upgrades to the Mac Mini you need specials tools. Everything that I have seen on upgrading the ram in a Mac Mini indicates that to open up the Mac Mini you need 2 putty knives! Yes putty knives. It also better to use thin plastic putty knives instead of steel ones, as the steel ones will scratch the bottom of the case and chassis.

I plan on upgrading from 512Mb of Ram to 1 GB of ram. The Kingston ram for the mini has been sitting here for a few months so I am going to get to it over the weekend.

After the upgrade, I also wanted to run a little social experiment and set up the Mac and have the kids and SWMBO use it to see how that adapt. Keep checking to hear on the results of the upgrade and the social experiment!


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