Little Problem running BES and BIS

You may have seen my earlier entry regarding setting up my Blackberry Enterprise Server on my SBS 2003 Server and also running Blackberry Internet Service at the same time. I actually found a small problem tonight with this set up.

I usually try to sync my blackberry to my main PC with Outlook at least one a week. Tonight I tried to sync it up and I couldn’t sync my calendar or my contacts from my Outlook to my blackberry. The reason was because of the BES setup. My BB calendar and contacts are set up to sync wirelessly. The problem is most of my contacts and calendar appointments are in my outlook on my main pc and not on my exchange (SBS server).

It is actually fairly easy to fix, and there are two things you can do. Firstly you can temporarily turn off wireless sync on the BB, sync it with the desktop then turn wireless sync back on. This can be done for any part of the software that uses wireless sync. The other alternative is to forward the info to the exchange server account via email, but this would be a little cumbersome.

I hesitate to use my SBS server full time for email etc. Because I do use it as a test platform and am prepared to blow it away and rebuild it on a regular basis.


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