Internet Explorer 7 RC 1 Error

I have the latest RC of Internet Explorer 7 loaded on my laptop… With Beta 3 ( I skipped 2 because I was having problems), everything worked fine. After I installed RC1, I started gettting errors everytime I closed the browser, and if there are multiple tabs open I would get the error after every tab closed. Digging a little into it I discovered the problem is related to the Stumbleupon toolbar (mentioned in another post of mine). Turning off the toolbar makes the problem go away. I hope the folks at know of the issue as I enjoy “stumbling” once in a while!

I like the new release of IE, especially the tabbed browsing and the RSS feeds. Altough I use a dedicated RSS reader I may one day switch to this as well. You can download and try it out here.

One thing that I have heard is that IE7 when it is released will be installed automatically as a critical update to your Operating system. Microsoft has made a blocking tool available for system administrators to stop the automatic upgrade until the browser is fully tested.


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