I hate Spammers!!!!

If there is anything I really hate about the Internet it is spammers… Especially since I have my own domain. I can assure you that we here at Sysguy Consulting do not send spam out of any sort. However our domain is used for spoofing spam email. What these low life’s do is send out spam with reply to addresses made up from our domain sysguy.com. How do I know. I get several emails a day from mail servers to non existent addresses on my domain indicating message failures. It is not very hard to spoof a reply email address and the software that these idiots use so it automatically.

I have threatened several companies that I will begin proceedings against them if they don’t stop and it does stop for a while, but inevitably it starts up again. Lately there seems to be a lot of Pump and Dump mails going out (pump a stock up getting people to buy and drive the price up, then they sell it driving the price down).

What can you do to protect yourself? Make sure you are sure where you are giving your email address. Look for check boxes giving permission when signing web forms allowing companies share info with partners. You can always use a free email address (Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail) if you have to sign up.

If you have a web site use a contact form or at the very least use a script to disguise your email address from robots. Never set a up an auto reply for your personal email address.

Hopefully one day we will be able to come up with a sure fire way to stop these scum and get email back.

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