Hidden menus Vista and IE 7.0

If you open my computer or a Windows Explorer window in Windows Vista, you may notice that the menu is not there. The same applies if you have upgraded to IE 7.0 on Windows XP. One of the most often questions I get is “Where are the IE menus?” Actually they are there but hidden, and I have confirmed that this tip also works on IE 7.0 on Windows XP SP 2.

Open IE 7.0 and press the alt key on your keyboard. The old menu with file, edit, view, tools etc will now show up. The same applies if you open a Windows Explorer box in Windows Vista. Press the alt key and the old fashion menu shows up.

If you want the menu to always show in IE open the menu with the alt key. Go to view toolbars and check the menu bar. It is a little trickier for the explorer windows. Open my computer and open the menu. Click on tools, folder options and then the click on the view tab. Click in the box that says “always show menus”.

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