Didn’t get the Rogers Promo Data Plan… Too Late!

If you didn’t get your iPhone or Blackberry Bold on the Rogers promotional data rate (6gb for 30.00/mth) you are too late! The orginal deal was available until August 31, 2008 and then Rogers extended it till September 30th. I was browsing their site yesterday (October 1)and they have in fact killed that plan.

While the data plans are not as bad as the originally announced ones they are still a far cry from the promotional plan they were offering.

Only time will tell if the promo plan will come back. If people stop buying the iPhone due to the increased prices Rogers may have to bring the plan back. I fear the problem is that since most people that were against the original plans bought the iPhone with the promotional plan, there won’t be an outcry.

Rogers only this summer changed their Blackberry plans to actually make them more affordable. They were offering a 30.00 for 300MB plan but that has now been upped to 1 GB of Data. Note this is only for BIS service. In addition the same plan is available for their High Speed connect cards however the 60.00 Plan only get’s you 3GB which is not very much.

I was able to get a Blackberry Bold on the 30.00 Promo Plan and have been able to successfully use it as a tethered modem for my laptops and it has worked well. I had tried to buy a USB modem from them earlier with the Promo plan but as an earlier post of mine says, Rogers pulled a bait and switch on me. They told me after my order was filled (there was a number of backorders) that the promo plan was not available for laptop cards. I immediately sent mine back unused and cancelled.

While their new plans are a step in the right direction, they are still not enough. Unfortunately the other mobility providers (Telus and Bell) seem to have plans that are even worse!


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