CA Anti Virus/Internet Security Version Upgrade Available


If you have a current CA Anti Virus or Internet Security 2007 Suite with a current subscription, regardless if you purchased from Sysguy Consulting or not, this is a notification that there is a new version available for download. The new CA Internet Security 2008 Suite is available for download now. If you registered the software log into your account at where you can get your new license keys and download the new version of the software. An interesting thing that I found was that my single user AV was converted to the 3 user version with 2008!

This is one of the great deals about CA Security products as they include software upgrades in the yearly subscription as well as just signature downloads, unlike some of the other vendor products that make you buy a new version every year.

If you are interested in getting CA Antivirus or Internet Security Suite 2008 please contact us.

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