Another Small Vista Problem, Adobe Acrobat and IE7

I have run into another piece of software that has a problem with Vista, except it is only one small piece. If you use Adobe Acrobat 7.0 or 8.0 Standard or Pro version and want to print a pdf from a web page you are out of luck. You will get an error indicating that the software has to be activated before you can use the printer. This occurs even if the software has already been activated. There is a workaround and I would suggest using it if you know you have to print a pdf from a webpage. I usually do when purchasing items on line.

Before opening Internet Explorer, right click on the icon and select run as Administrator. While running IE as an administrator you will be able to print to PDF. I do not recommend running this way all the time as it circumvents IE running in protected mode and makes it vulnerable to Internet threats. If you think you are going to be ordering something or require printing from PDF, opening it in another IE session as Admin, print and exiting. Hopefully Adobe will patch this soon.

Another option is to use a free pdf converter until Adobe fixes the problem. I was using primo pdf except that when I printed from IE under Vista the PDF files would be corrupted. I have gone back to cutepdf, available at It seems to work just fine.


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