This weekend and back to blogging

Well this is my first entry in a while, and I hope everyone had happy Easter. This weekend I decided to lay low and hardly check e-mail or my computer at all. But in the week and started and there’s all kinds of things to do. First off a new product arrived this morning for us to test and review. We’re trying and axis 207 W wireless web network camera. While these cameras are little expense, so far the preliminary tests show excellent picture quality and good wireless connectivity. We’re running into a few little glitches using them with Windows Vista. Keep an eye out for our full review of these wireless cameras in the very near future.

In other use news, some of you may have started seeing a strange error message on windows XP or Windows Vista over the last few days. The error message may come up as a data execution prevention error saying that a certain file was allocated into the wrong space. This is a result of the emergency patch push down by Microsoft last week to solve the animated cursor vulnerability. As a result several systems with Realtek audio cards would run into this in error. Microsoft is releasing a correction for this that will be available in windows update on Tuesday April 10th. I have seen this error so far on my media center PC. You can download the patch at a time from the Microsoft support site at

I’m still playing around with voice recognition in Windows Vista, in fact this is the second blog entry that I am using voice recognition for. So far it has been pretty good but I am finding it depends on the quality of your microphone.

Other than having a little cabin fever from not been able to golf, and being depressed about the forecast for more snow this week, the weekend was nice and relaxing.

That’s all for now, I will soon be posted some more, so keep coming back for new content.


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