What are we playing with now!

Just to let everyone know there are a few things that we are testing in our labs. Of course like everyone else in the IT field we are playing with Windows Vista Beta (RC1 Ultimate Edition) and Office 2007. Early feelings are that this is going to be a worthwhile upgrade for most users! It may take a little bit of a hardware upgrade for older systems but if you don’t need or want the glass interface you’ll be fine. Our testing machine is a home built AMD 3000+ Processor with 1 GB Ram, an integrated ATI Video card and 160 GB 7200 SATA Hard Drive. We will put together a machine soon that will be slower and will try to test it at or very close to the minimum hardware requirements.

Windows Vista Business edition should be available to Software Assurance clients to download at the end of November. Starting tomorrow (Nov 1, 2006) it will be orderable from distribution for Open License clients!

We are also testing a Mav Mini! Yes a Mac! This little box is about the size of a book and features and Intel Dual Core 1.83 Ghz processor, 512 Mb of Ram and an 80 GB Hard Drive. We have been doing some video editing work with the included software and have had some mixed results about it. Stay tuned for more info and a complete review soon!

Happy Halloween!


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