Notebook Hard Drive Upgrade Week!

This week has been a little busy! Two of my Notebooks, my Acer TM 6292 Windows XP Machine and my MacBook Pro, were both running out of hard drive space. Last week I was able to pick up a couple of 320 GB 7200 RPM Western Digital Notebook drives from one of my suppliers. I have spent the last day and a half upgrading the drives in these machines.

The Acer was a piece of cake as the hard drive is easy to replace. The MacBook Pro on the other hand was a little more difficult as the drive is in the chassis. While I feel comfortable taking apart laptops the MBP scared me a little as opening it voids your warranty unless it is done by an Apple Authorized Service Centre.

I took the MBP into a local Apple dealer and had them do the hard drive upgrade (30 minutes of labour) and I just picked up the machine this afternoon. I am currently in the process of restoring the OSX system but it has not been as easy as the Windows XP restore. The next step will be for me to try and restore the BootCamp Windows Vista partition.

I have been anxious to the MAC done because a few new applications this week I want to try on my MAC (Microsoft released the Live Mesh MAC client this week) as well as the release of the new version of Adobe PhotoShop Lightroom.

I will include step by step instructions of what I used and how I did the upgrades soon under my “how to” category so if you ever want to upgrade a hard drive in a PC or Notebook (as well as the MAC) I will provide step by step instructions of what you need and how to complete the task.


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