Are you ready for DST!

As Canada has adapted the 2005 US Law changing Daylight Savings Time, there are a couple of steps you may follow to ensure that your computer changes time properly this weekend, Mar. 11, 2007.

If you have recently performed the latest Windows or Microsoft updates you are probably fine. I would suggest that if you are not using Microsoft Update you get it set up as it updates products other than just Windows.

To check I usually suggest opening an Internet Explorer session, and then click on start, then help and support, then click on keep my computer up to date. If at the top of the next screen if you don’t see the option to get Microsoft Update, then you probably have it. Go ahead and select custom update and wait to see what updates are required for your PC. You may want to go through the optional updates and add any you may think necessary. If you have not yet installed Internet Explorer 7.0 please consider doing this as some people have complained about i, and it does affect some older applications that use explorer. Go ahead and install all the updates you selected and if required reboot the PC. I would also suggest that after the reboot you go back in and run the update again to pick up any additional updates.

There is mroe information regarding DST changes and Microsoft Products available at

Other products will also be affected by the changes. If you own a Blackberry or other organizer you may have to do updates as well. Please Google the device or visit the manufacturer’s web site to see if there are patches available.

Windows 9X and ME don’t have official Microsoft updates as these products are no longer supported. Google for several unofficial patches that have been created on the Internet.

Hopefully, Sunday when you go to use your computer, the time will have properly changed with the new DST.


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