Another New Hobby

Well I’m hooked…. I figured I needed another hobby other than always working on PCs and now I have it! I have jumped fully into astronomy..

I have always thought that I wanted a telescope (especially when celestial events were occuring ie lunar eclipses) and had actually taken a small stab at looking for one in a department stores the previous christmas.

Then in June of 2005 a co worker mentioned that a local surplus store had a number of Celestron 80GTL scopes on for an incredible price… I looked around the net, saw that it was an OK scope and went out and purchased one.

Things were great we used it the first night and the kids saw the rings of Saturn and the moon looked really cool. The more I used it the more I looked up on it. Then I saw that I could merge the scope to a computer and have my laptop control it. I found a local telescope retailer and started talking to him and bought my first book on astronomy (Nightwatch by Terence Dickson). I started into reading and going over what the author said about scopes and started getting aperture fever!

I soon went out and purchased a pair of Celestron 15X70 Skymaster Binoculars to scan the skies with as well.

About a month later I purchased a Skywatcher 200mm reflector scope on a Skywatcher HEq-5 mount. What a joy this scope was to use…

Well that didn’t last long, and because I also wanted to take those stunning astrophotos we see in Magazine’s and on the Nasa sites I started looking at a 127MM Mak Cas scope as a quick grab and go scope. Well the day came to pick up the Mak Cas and instead I walked out with a Skywatcher 80MM ED Refractor.

This scope is a beauty, wide field of view, good optics and portable to boot. (I also got an Alt Az mount to leave in my car).

Well it is now January of 2006 and I still have the same driving intensity (if not more) than I started with… One day I might get out and use everything!

I have learned that this one hobby were I can easily spend more than I did on my PC hobby and not be able to write off any of it!!!

I soon hope to have some early photos that I have taken (of the moon, some clusters and auroras) posted. I am still waiting for a few components to arrive (new ccd camera, filters and focuser), and then I will start getting right into this!

Keep your eyes here for more information.

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