A Year Later

It has been a year since I last posted about Roam Mobility and the options for Canadians travelling to the US. In that year I have continued to use Roam Mobility for all of my US travel needs. I have unlocked several phones and have used the service in Vegas, Kauai, Miami and New York without any issues.

The only place that I have tried it and the service hasn’t worked great is Kauai and that is due to the coverage offered by T-Mobile. On most of the island you are restricted to the older Edge or 2G technology although there was some high speed service in certain parts of Lihue. Having said this I also found that Roger’s service (partnered with AT&T) is also quite poor there. Of the other Hawaiian islands we have visited in the last year (Maui and Oahu) we were able to get full HSPA+ coverage.

My daughter used the service while on a school trip to NYC and it worked well for her and when we were in the Miami area in February I had no issues.

I have actually stopped recommending that Canadians purchase T-Mobile SIM cards in the US as you get much better value with Roam including the ability to text and call Canada at no additional charge.

To this point no Canadian Carrier has come even close to offering the savings that Roam Mobility offers. All you need is an unlocked phone or in the worst case one of their own phones.

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