Yeah I know I am slow – Anyone got some Joost invites?

Yes I know I am a little late but I am hoping that some nice soul out there has a Joost invite that I can get. In return I will make any invitations I get available to others! I have recently tried getting one from this site and am anxiously waiting. If you have one you can spare you can invite me at sysguy at sysguy dot com

What is Joost is a new way of watching TV across the internet. Joost is an IP TV service with 150 channels of programming that you can watch on your computer (or if you are geeky like me) hooking a PC up to your TV. In early May joost gave beta testers unlimited invites to invite others (like gmail did originally). I never looked for invites as I thought like many of these web based things that it was US only. I found out today that joost is available world wide (although there are some restrictions on some programming).

So please, please if you have a spare invitation can you please send it my way? Thanks


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