September is Over!

We haven’t updated for a while and that is due to September being a really crazy month for me. In September the kids start school, we finish up our outdoor soccer season with the fall cup and we start our indoor evaluations and preparations. Because I am the U12 Girls Coordinator for our community soccer club, as well as the Coaches Coordinator and a member of the evaluation team, I am constantly going during the month! We also had a family wedding to go to out in the Winnipeg area where I was the photographer so I was doubly busy!

As busy as I was however it didn’t stop me from getting and testing new gadgets. I am working on a couple of reviews right now. Here are a few of the things that we will be writing about in the next little while. In August I got a new Blackberry Bold (aka 9000) and a Sony PRS-505 E-book reader and the reviews on these items will soon be published. We will also be writing about the new Zune 3.0 Software and firmware updates, the Belkin Mini Surge Protector, the Zune home connection kit, Drobo V2 FireWire enclosure and a little more about the Asus EEE PC 1000H.

We have also been testing a SIP Trunking service (now available through Sysguy Consulting) with our Syspine MS Response Point phone system.

Watch for loads of upcoming reviews of all of the above products. We also have a few project updates that we will be writing about including Hard Drive upgrades in my Macbook Pro and Acer TravelMate and a planned hard drive upgrade of a PS3.

So check back often to get more reviews and news.



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